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Shaun entered the recreational diving industry in the UK during 2001. Since that time he has worked in many dive industry roles, including; dive centre owner and manager, commercial diver, full-time dive equipment technician and compressor mechanic, recreational and technical diving instructor.

He holds professional qualifications as a DOL Class II commercial diver, TQS Technician Trainer, TDI and PADI TecRec Technical Diving Instructor, .

He runs ProService Dive Repair in Subic Bay, Philippines, where he teaches a range of TQS regulator and compression technician training, TecRec gas-blending and his exclusive PADI Compressor Operator courses.

Shaun offers expert service in compressor servicing, maintenance & repair; along with a wide variety of commercial services including hull cleaning, anode replacement, video surveys, salvage and inspection.

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